A Baby
by Kathy Dillenbeck
February 2, 1996

A baby is a gift from God, uniquely fashioned by His Hand,
A special little person, who’s just like our Master planned.
A baby is a miracle.  It’s plain for everyone to see.
When two eggs meet and join as one, there’s nothing else that it could be.

A baby grows from one small cell beneath its mother’s beating heart.
That cell will split and separate, become the baby’s little parts.
A baby’s in a cozy place for most of its first months of life,
Protected, safe and warm in there from all this old world’s sin and strife.

A baby has a heart that beats that’s separate from its mother’s
A baby is a complex thing, uniquely like no other.
A baby has two precious feet with tiny little toes
Two arms, two legs, two eyes and ears, and a darling little nose.

A baby is a gift from God. It’s plain for this old world to see.
My mother always thought it so, especially when that babe was me.