A Baby's Cry
by Kathy Dillenbeck
June 15, 1994

-written after hearing, on Moody Bible Institute's Open Line program,
a discussion regarding the lingering trauma that people suffer who have had abortions

Late in the night I heard him cry, and started out of bed.
I'd barely got my slippers on when my heart was filled with dread.
There was no way that it could be my baby's cry, I knew,
For he's been dead these last two years -- I don't know what to do.

Two years ago I learned there was a baby on the way,
But since I had a choice, I chose this baby to delay.
It seemed an easy choice to make, so many choose to do it.
A visit to the doctor, a short time and I'd be through it.

"It's not a baby, but a mass of tissue," I was told,
"But we should do this now, before that fetus is too old."
They said it was a little boy, this "fetus" I aborted,
"A day or two, you'll be all healed," the doctor casually reported.

While, physically, my body healed just like that doctor said,
My soul still hurts whene'er I think of this baby who is dead.
I wish I'd known just how I'd feel when this foul deed was done,
That I would feel as if I'd killed, not a fetus, but a son.

At night his crying wakes me up, I hate to go to sleep,
But daytime is no better, I can clearly hear him weep.
I made the choice, one I'll regret until the day I die,
When in the day and in the night I hear my baby's cry.