Dear Mom
by Kathy Dillenbeck
July 18, 1993

"Dear Mom, it's somewhat dark in here, although its safe and warm.
Thanks so much for your body, its a cozy, little dorm."
"Dear Mom, I heard you laugh today, a quiet, little sound,
And then I felt your hand touch mine; I felt your heartbeat pound."

"Dear Mom, where did we go today, a clinic down the street?
I did not like that doctor's voice; it sounded much too sweet."
"Dear Mom, why are you crying now? I do not understand.
What does that word "abortion" mean; I think it should be banned."

"Dear Mom, don't do this awful thing you're contemplating now.
I'd like to see the world outside; please change your mind right now."
"What do you mean you have no choice? There's always two or more.
God told me He'd take care of us; He's knocking on your door."

"Now, Mom, you had a choice before, with consequences, true,
Should I not have a choice as well, this child who lives in you?"
"I did not ask to be conceived; you made that choice for me,
But now I'm here and in your life, what will you do with me?"

"No, Mommy, it is not yet time, I'm not completely grown.
Please just wait a few more months, then I'll live on my own."
"Dear Mom, I know I'm safe in here, you chose the only way,
The way that's best for you AND me. Thank you that I can stay."