Four Thousand Crosses
by Kathy Dillenbeck
January 21, 1996

Around the world the cross has been a symbol of our Lord,
Of Him Who gave His life for us, of Christ the living Word.
In our churchyard today you’ll find four thousand little crosses,
A symbol of the daily toll, four thousand little losses.

These crosses represent the babies that our nation kills--
A sacrifice to mother’s choice, a cure for all her ills.
Each tiny baby, yet unborn, safe in her mother’s womb,
Will find that womb a dangerous place, a temporary tomb.

Four thousand babies die each day, one-sixty-six each hour;
There is no way they can fight back, these babes have little power.
Every minute, more than two will lose their lives this way,
And Christians all across this land will look the other way.

Each and every year we hear about the holocaust-
Six million Jews gave up their lives-this was a dreadful loss.
The holocaust’s still in the news—it’s talked of everywhere--
Five times as many babies died, yet no one seems to care.

We do not see this in the news; there is no cry of “Shame!”
We folks who should be salt and light are just the ones to blame.
It’s easier to sit at home, ignore the devastation,
And say, “There’s not much I can do about this situation.”

But we cannot just look aside, and walk the other way,
Or say the way to fight this thing is bow our heads and pray.
Yes, praying is important--we should do it every day--
Then put some action to our prayers, and walk that narrow way,

Where we refuse to do what’s wrong, and always do what’s right,
Proactively confront the dark, where we are salt and light.
For Jesus talked about the cost of salt with savor lost,
And lights hid under bushels, they both have a real cost.

Remember Abel’s blood that screamed to God from in the ground.
Four thousand babies every day must make an awful sound.
We know that God will not allow this slaughter to go on;
If we don’t step up to this thing, we also may be gone.

For we are somehow judged by how we function as a nation
And we will be among those who suffer certain condemnation,
If we do not do what is right, as well as not do wrong,
Four thousand babies every day condemn us with their song.

Four thousand babies every day; have you really thought about it?
Four thousand babies every day; you can no longer doubt it.
Four thousand babies cry for help; will you attend their cries?
Will you help save their little lives, and make that sacrifice?

“What can we do,” the question comes, “to stop this terrible crime?”
Well, you could write your Congressman, demand he spend some time
Exploring ways to help these babies live a rich, full life,
Passing laws declaring unborn babies human life.

Write a letter to the Trib or call a live, talk show.
Speak to people everywhere ‘cause many do not know.
They do not know the number of the babies who will die.
Four thousand babies everyday still scream a silent cry.

Support your local CPC* with money, prayers, and time.
Adopt a little baby not quite perfect, not quite prime.
Pray for abortionists to have the scales plucked from their eyes,
That they may see just what they do, may hear those babies’ cries.

And pray that God will move in hearts of mothers everywhere
That He will show them what to do, that He will make them care
About the little babies that they hold beneath their hearts
Four thousand babies every day, please can’t we make a start.

A start to end the suffering, a start to stop the slaughter,
A start to stop the premature deaths of this nation’s sons and daughters,
A start to stop the holocaust that’s happening in this land
A start to be the salt and light we should be by God’s command.

* CPC - Crisis Pregnancy Center