The Most Dangerous Place To Be
by Kathy Dillenbeck
January 21, 1994

A baby is a miracle right from the time that it's conceived,
Where a single cell is made from two, a sperm that's by an egg received.
The zygote forms, this single cell, with all the chromosomes and genes
That little life will ever need to split through awe-inspiring means.

Cells multiply and soon there is a heart that beats all on its own,
A brain and nerves, two arms and legs, and feet and hands with tiny bones.
God weaves and knits these little ones inside that warm, protected space.
Though yet unformed, He knows each frame, and puts each tiny bone in place.

A baby often sucks his thumb as soon as hands and fingers form,
His hair and fingernails will grow inside that warm and cozy dorm.
For our creator God has made the womb as safe as it can be,
A baby's cushioned sanctuary, within its mother floating free.

But now the womb, unfortunately, is the most dangerous place to be,
For, sanctioned by the court, a mom can kill her child quite legally.
This wondrous work that God entrusts to women everywhere is viewed
As quite another thing by some, a mass of flesh that just intrudes.

The courts have said, "It is okay to trash this precious little one;
It has no rights; it's just a blob; it's not your daughter or your son."
Some doctors go along with this in spite of all that they have learned;
The mighty dollar reigns supreme; all thought of right and wrong is spurned.

These self-same ones, who made these rules, are no doubt shocked whene'er they see
A hunter club a baby seal or lumberman cut down a tree.
How broken now God's heart must be to see how low mankind has come
That babies can be sacrificed to gods of CHOICE and HIGH INCOMES.

...Written after hearing Chuck Swindoll speak on the sanctity of human life on January 21, 1994.