The Sanctity of Life
by Kathy Dillenbeck
January 14, 1994

A HOLOCAUST is taking place in the good ol' U.S.A.;
Herr Hitler would be gratified, if he were here today.
Dachau, Auschwitz, and other camps run by those Nazi guards
Have been replaced by clinics with quite normal-looking yards.

It breaks my heart to think of all the babies that have died,
Their lives stamped out so brutally, it often makes me cry.
What caused this gruesome tragedy? Where did it get its start?
This loathsome act where women trash the babies 'neath their hearts.

In Roe v. Wade a judge "discovered" privacy, we're told,
A secret in a constitution almost two centuries old.
A baby's just a mass of fetal tissue, so they say,
Not viable outside the womb, until nature's birthday.

But any baby who's just born could not survive alone,
It could not feed or clothe itself, a fact that's quite well-known.
We know there's life when sperm and egg combine to make one cell,
A life that grows within its mom, at that point, we can tell

Each baby is a separate life from the time the zygote's formed.
The first few month's it needs a special, warm, and cozy dorm.
A "living" baby who is born in the midst of an abortion
Can cause a lot of trouble, so they go through great contortions

To make sure that the baby's dead before it leaves the womb,
Then toss it in a garbage can instead of in a tomb.
These babies are so viable that abortionists must crush
Their tiny skulls with instruments that turn them into mush.

We often hear that there would be abortions anyway,
But there's no way there'd be all these, no matter what they say.
"But think of all the poor women who died before this court case,
From dirty instruments or filth in some back-alley, someplace."

These women had a choice then, yes, they made their own decisions,
Not like these babies in the womb, who suffer from abortions.
It makes me sick, this perfidy, I hate to think about it.
"They should not do this awful thing." I often want to shout it.

What can we do to stop this thing? There must be a solution,
A way that we can all agree will bring a resolution.
This will be tough 'cause brutalizing babies is a gold mine,
Where medical practitioners can earn a lot in no time.

We must go back and use the law the way it was intended,
Not let these judges make up things that cannot be defended.
It's time that those who know what's right be given equal voice.

Stand up for what you know is right! Speak out for life today!
Pray faithfully as God commands and He'll show us the way.

For Sanctity of Life Sunday, January 16, 1994 and in dedication to the 30 million+* babies who have died since Roe v. Wade. 

One of every five women of child-bearing age has had an abortion.

The Vietnam War Memorial is 500 FEET LONG and contains the names of approximately 58,000 people. A similar memorial for victims of America's HOLOCAUST would be SIXTY MILES LONG.

A National Memorial for the Unborn has been opened in Chattanooga, Tennessee on the sight of an abortion clinic where 35,000 babies gave up their lives in sacrifice to the false gods of privacy and choice.

* Now that number is over 50 MILLION!