The Silent Slaughter
by Kathy Dillenbeck
January 5, 1996

Across this land each and every day, four thousand babies die --
A slaughter swift and silent, so we never hear their cry.
This slaughter’s done behind closed doors with the mother’s signed consent.
Her choice will cost her babe its life -- this child from heaven sent.

Once, his mother made a choice that resulted in conception,
She thinks two wrongs will make a right--the ultimate deception.
This tiny babe that formed in her, when two cells became one,
Would multiply and grow into a daughter or a son.

In that one cell is everything that baby needs to grow,
But who that baby would become, we now will never know.
With his own mother’s signed consent, that tiny baby dies.
And no one hears him scream or cry; the slaughter’s done inside.

It’s done inside that cozy place provided to protect him.
It’s done with instruments of death by those who mean to harm him.
The place that God made safe and warm, his mother’s cozy womb,
Will now become a place of death, a temporary tomb.

The doctor does his dirty deed and then the baby dies
But no one hears the baby scream or hears the baby cry.
This silent slaughter will go on until each person hears
The crying of the little ones and sees their tiny tears.

So, speak out for the unborn ones, those babies who will die,
And help your neighbor hear them scream, to hear those babies cry.
Be salt and light, as Jesus said. Expose this gruesome scene.
Please do not let these babies down. Please stop these babies’ screams.