Christmas Angels
by Kathy Dillenbeck
Christmas, 1997

About two thousand years ago an angel came to earth
To notify the virgin that she would be giving birth.
Isaiah saw it long ago, a sign that God is with us;
Immanuel, the virgin’s Child, the Son of God among us.

Yes, Gabriel told Mary she would have a baby boy
And that her cousin ‘Lizabeth had reason for great joy,
For she would have a baby too, this barren woman would,
In her old age when others were convinced she never could.

In the temple Zechariah also saw an angel too,
Who told him “Your son John will be a great delight to you.”
But Zechariah questioned Gabriel, God’s messenger to him,
And could not talk till John was born and he acknowledged him.

Joseph saw an angel too when he was troubled late one night
And in a dream the angel told him it would be alright
To take the virgin Mary as his lawfully-wedded wife
And name the baby Jesus when He came into this life.

Some shepherds saw an angel in a field near Bethlehem,
Who said, “Fear not - I bring good news.” but he still frightened them.
Then the glory of the Lord was shining round them all about,
And a countless host of angels came from heaven with a shout.

A shout of praise to God on high and “Glory in the highest!”
That God had brought peace to all men of good will here among us.
He told them, “Born to you this day is a baby in a manger.”
That they were not to be afraid; they weren’t in any danger.

Those wise men who had sought the king by following a star
Were warned, “Go back another way.” though it might take you far.
And Joseph heard an angel in another dream one night
Who warned him “Flee to Egypt and then you will be alright.”

Yes, angels are God’s messengers and they want us to know
That God loves us and cares for us; His actions tell us so:
He sent His Son to die for us that we might be forgiven;
His Son was born to die for us that we might go to heaven.