Christmas Stories
by Kathy Dillenbeck
December, 2000

There are a lot of stories that we hear at Christmas time.
In many, there are scenes where the churches’ bells all chime.
In Dicken’s Christmas Carol, we meet Ebenezer Scrooge,
A miser with a heart of stone and fortune rather huge.

There’s one about a monster that we know as Mr. Grinch,
A green and fury ogre who puts Whoville in a pinch.
There’s Santa Claus and Rudolph and the other eight reindeer,
Who travel ‘round the world and spread their brand of Christmas cheer.

There’s the angel and George Bailey and the lessons that he learns,
Then there’s Charlie Brown and Lucy who also take their turns
At bringing us a story that attempts to warm our hearts,
To convince us to put others first, that that’s the place to start.

But there’s a story that’s been told for many, many years--
It’s the real Christmas story that can calm our doubts and fears.
For it’s about the greatest Gift that ever has been given,
The Son of God Who came to earth from His Father’s home in Heaven.

He did not come with trumpets loud or in His regal splendor,
But as a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.
His birth announcement came to lowly shepherds in the field,
Where angel hosts made known to them a miracle most real.

How much He must have loved us to become a little child,
To leave His home in glory—how His mother must have smiled
To hold her precious little one and know her baby Son
Was Jesus the Messiah, the Father’s Chosen One.

He came to earth to take our place, our sin, and punishment,
The only Hope of all mankind, this Gift from Heaven sent,
This Gift that we should emulate--the greatest story every told--
A story better than the rest, much more precious than pure gold.