The Christmas Season
by Kathy Dillenbeck
Christmas, 1999

The Christmas season’s here again. The streets are all aglow
With twinkling lights and candy canes and lots of mistletoe.
The shoppers go from store to store in search of gifts just right
Which celebrate our Savior, the Christ Child born that night.

But many folks have lost their way; the reason’s been forgotten.
They get caught up in giving gifts, forget God’s sole Begotten.
That Child Whose birth we celebrate, God’s sole begotten Son
Takes second place in many lives, in spite of all He’s done.

As tiny babe He came to earth, so small and unprotected,
Except for angel’s words to shepherds, mostly undetected.
The angels came in chorus praising God on high, their voices raising,
Peace proclaiming and good will to us and shepherds on that hill.

Glory rose to God on high as the shepherds gathered nigh.
So excited they all were about the Savior’s glorious birth.
As they stared in silent wonder, the heavenly host joined in the thunder
Praising God with voices raised, our God, Creator, Ancient of Days.

They should have looked for Jesus then as the prophets had foretold—
The secret of Messiah’s birth—when He’d be born upon this earth
To bring great hope to all mankind, the hope that each of us can find
In Jesus, Savior, Glorious King. Let’s lift our voices, praises sing!

He came to earth as tiny babe and wrapped in rags in manger lay,
But grew to die for all of us—this Christ Who warrants all our trust.
This Christ Who bled and died for us, this Christ Who ransomed all of us,
Is coming back to get His own. We’ll gather ‘round the sacred throne
And sing His praises that He came – Emmanuel, His Holy Name!

So as you rush from store to store, before you open every door,
Just lift your voice and sing His praise, that Jesus came on Christmas day.
Don’t get wrapped up in gifts and giving, but think about the way you’re living.
Remember Jesus is the reason that we celebrate this season.