The First Christmas Gift
by Kathy Dillenbeck
December 25, 1996

The Christmas season’s here again; there’s music in the air;
The shops aglow with colored lights just like a county fair.
The shoppers go from store to store to find that perfect thing
To show someone how much they’re loved - a toy or shirt or golden ring.

There’s nothing wrong with giving gifts to friends on Christmas day,
For gifts are such a perfect way to celebrate this day.
We celebrate by giving gifts because we are receivers
Of God’s Most Precious Gift He gave to all of us believers.

We celebrate the birth of Christ - Immanuel, God with us -
That day that Jesus came to earth, a baby born just like us.
The Gift of God to all mankind - God’s prophets once foretold it -
The First Gift giv’n on Christmas day and shepherds did behold it.

They were there that Christmas day, not kings or queens or royalty.
People just like you and me beheld God’s infant Majesty.
That Gift would cost God His own Son though Mary did not know it.
The King of Glory came that day, but His surroundings did not show it.

God’s Precious Gift was giv’n that day and placed in lowly manger,
The Gift that mankind needed most, a Redeemer and Life-Changer
So as you open up your gifts on Christmas day, remember
It’s Jesus’ birth we celebrate each year in late December.