The Shepherds’ Story
by Kathy Dillenbeck
December 25, 1996

“What is that light?” the shepherd said, “What is that sound I hear?
It almost seems as if the glory of the Lord is near.
Was that an angel that I saw? Did you hear what he said --
That God’s own Son is sleeping in a manger as a bed?”

“I saw it too,” another said, “but I cannot believe it.
It was a sight so glorious, the mind cannot conceive it.
It was an angel that I saw, so I think we should go
To Bethlehem to find our King. Come on, hurry up, let’s go!”

“Yes, we should do just like the angel in the heavens said,
And see that Baby sleeping in a manger as a bed.
This is so strange, I thought our King would come in strength and majesty,
Not as a little baby who was born like you and me.”

The shepherds walked down into town to find their newborn King,
Who rested in a manger -- you could hear their praises ring.
I hope that you yourself will find that blessed Baby too,
The One Who later conquered death, Who died for me and you.