The Way He Came
by Kathy Dillenbeck
Christmas, 1995

It now is Christmas once again, a busy time of year,
When folks buy lots of presents for the ones whom they hold dear.
With parties here and parties there, we’ve lots of time for fun.
We run around from place to place to try to get things done.

The merchants like this season best; they make a lot of “dough.”
They put up lights and Christmas trees in artificial snow.
They try to get us all to think that we must give a lot,
So we will know how much we’re loved by all the things we got.

There’s music playing all around, a special type of song,
That we won’t hear another time throughout the whole year long.
We sing of reindeer and Saint Nick, of elves with pointed ears.
There’ve been a lot of Christmas songs we’ve learned down through the years.

But all these things just cover up the one and only reason
That we can celebrate this day in this the Christmas season.
We celebrate on Christmas day the gift of God’s own Son,
That tiny Babe in Bethlehem, God’s Gift to everyone.

Immanuel, God is with us, is cause for celebration.
God’s praises should be ringing out through our entire nation.
Isaiah told about His birth, A virgin with a Son,
Who’d save His people from their sins--yes, Christ the Promised One.

That our Creator God should come to earth as just a babe,
Who shunned the palaces of kings and in a manger lay,
Should bring to us a sense of awe at His great love for us.
He left His throne and came to earth as a babe with little fuss.
Ye, He came gently to the earth in humble circumstances,
Instead of like a conquering king who with his troops advances.
He never pushes His way through into the hearts of men,
But He comes reaching out for us again and yet again.

He waits for us to ask Him in, to open up the door,
To ask Him to come in our heart to live forevermore.
Yes, Jesus is the Way for us to reconcile with God.
This tiny Babe Who gave His life is our living, loving Lord.