The Word Became Flesh
by Kathy Dillenbeck
December 12, 1994

The Word was with the Father before the world began,
Before God made the heav'n and earth, the trees, the birds, or man.
The Bible says it's through the Word that everything was made,
The Word, the Light in Whom is life, that life that does not fade.

That Word through Whom all things were made became a baby boy.
In Bethlehem He was made flesh and brought the world great joy.
The angels and the heavenly host appeared to shepherds then
To announce the Savior had been born, that God was now with men.

Immanuel means God with us--the sign was clear to see--
A virgin bore a little child to set all mankind free.
How vulnerable that Baby was, this God who became man,
Dependent on His family, but all part of God's plan.

Had He not come the way He did, as Man who knew no sin,
To take our sin upon Himself, to cleanse mankind within,
We would be without hope and lost, with sins' full debt to pay.
We owe a lot to that small Child, Who in a manger lay.

So when you think of Christmas, keep this one thought in mind,
The Savior came to earth that day to ransom all mankind.
No, when you think of Christmas, don't think of what you'll get.
You've got the most important Gift, the Christ who paid your debt.