The World’s True Lightt
by Kathy Dillenbeck
Christmas, 2003

Imagine shepherds tending flocks on that first Christmas night,
When angels came so suddenly and darkness turned to light.
Their hearts beat fast. So terrified, they knew not what to say.
The angel said, “Fear not. We have good news for you this day.

“The Savior, Who is Christ the Lord, lies in a manger bed.”
The time had come just as the prophets, years ago, had said.
And all around the heavenly host gave glory to the Lord
For Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, God’s true and living Word.

For mankind had been trapped in sin since Adam took that bite,
With no way to redeem ourselves, no way to make it right.
The prophets promised One would come to pay the price for man,
To shed light in the darkness, to bring peace throughout the land.

The Lord God promised Abraham all nations would be blessed
By one of his descendants, after he was laid to rest.
Isaiah spoke emphatically of a virgin giving birth.
Emmanuel, yes, God with us, this Christ child come to earth.

Long before that holy night, Christ’s birthplace was announced.
“In David’s city, Bethlehem,” once, Micah had pronounced.
Though Joseph lived in Nazareth, God worked His special way
And used a Roman ruler and a census on that day.

So shepherds rushed to Bethlehem to see the baby there,
To verify the things they heard from angels in the air.
They saw the baby lying there just as the angel said,
In lowly circumstances, with a manger for a bed.

And just as God reached out to shepherds saying “Have no fear.”
His arms are open wide, and still His message is quite clear:
As the dark was swept away on that first Christmas night,
The Lord can bring into your life His Son, the world’s true Light.