Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?
by Kathy Dillenbeck
Christmas, 2004

Why did Jesus come to earth that Christmas day so long ago?
Have you ever wondered? Is it something you would like to know?
The Bible has a lot to say about our precious Savior’s birth
And why He had to come this way and live here on this earth.

It tells how God created man and breathed in him the breath of life,
How He placed him in the Garden, gave him Eve to be his wife.
God gave clear choices to the couple and gave them everything they’d need,
Then made one rule and only one that Adam and his wife must heed.

They disobeyed and all mankind has suffered since that fateful day,
So now we know what’s right and wrong, but cannot seem to find a way
To not do things we know are wrong and do the things we know are right--
An awful curse that led to death—Can someone save us from our plight?

We know that God cannot stand sin, but who can take our sin away?
Who can make us white as snow, protect us from the Judgment Day?
We need someone completely pure to take our place, to pay the price,
Someone to bear our punishment, someone to be our sacrifice.

So Jesus came to earth for us, the virgin Mary’s baby boy,
The way the prophets had foretold, to bring the earth great peace and joy.
He came to die, to die for us who had no other way to live.
Yes, peace with our Creator was the gift He came to give.

He came to give us peace of mind and peace with God our Father,
And life and hope and joy we could not find in any other.
He came to give His precious blood--from Calvary, that blood did flow.
He was the perfect sacrifice. He is Someone we need to know.

So, when you hear the carols ring, think of Mary’s baby boy,
The One Who came to earth to bring you peace and hope and endless joy.
But don’t forget the blood He shed to pay the ransom for our sin,
To pay the price once and for all, so we can welcome God within,

Within our lives, within our hearts – yes, our Redeemer paid the way.
He gave up everything for us. Oh, ask Him in your heart today.
He’s standing there with open arms. He’s ready to forgive.
Because of Him we are assured that we’ll forever live.