National Day of Prayer, 1994
by Kathy Dillenbeck
May 5, 1994

Today is National Day of Prayer
When we pray for our nation,
When government is lifted up,
When we pray for its salvation.

God's Word exhorts each one to pray
For those who have authority,
To lift them up before the Lord
For lives that are peaceful and holy.

We see a lot of trouble, Lord,
The violence, crime, and hate,
And know that sin has caused it all
Its impact is so great.

O Lord, we pray that You will touch
Each leader in this country,
That each will give his life to You
And come before you humbly.

We bring to You our president
And ask that You will bless him,
And draw him close and make him see;
May the nation's sin distress him.

We ask for those who make our laws,
Your guidance and direction,
That they will call upon You
As they consider legislation.

We ask for all our judges, Lord,
That You will give them wisdom,
That they will seek from You the help
That You provided Solomon.

We know that You've been trying, Lord,
To get each one's attention
With floods and drought and hurricanes
And storms across the nation.

God's promised in His Word that He
Will hear us when we call Him,
If we come humbly and repent,
He says He'll heal our nation.

So pray for those who rule o'er us,
The Lord knows we all need it,
Pray that the Bible they will read
And when they've read it, heed it.