National Day of Prayer, 1995
by Kathy Dillenbeck
May 4, 1995

Today is National Day of Prayer
When we pray for our nation,
That God would bless the USA,
Not bring down condemnation.

We pray today for our President:
He needs a change of heart,
That God would show him what is truth
Would be a fitting start.

Give him a heart that loves the Lord
And cleanse him deep within;
May he walk down the path marked "Straight"
God, keep him from all sin.
We pray for those who make the laws,
The people in the Senate,
The Speaker of the Nation's House
And all those who are in it.

Help them to see that government
Can not meet all our needs
That people will just waste away
Without responsibilities.

Our V.P. and the Cabinet
Are very needy too.
They're walking down a dangerous path,
A path that ends in doom.

We pray for all our judges in
The courts across the country,
That justice would prevail again,
And all be treated fairly.

Those who do wrong should pay the price,
Should serve their entire time.
A punishment that's swift and sure
Will help cut back on crime

The schools across our country, Lord,
Are in a terrible mess.
They need a daily dose of prayer,
That God would really bless.

The principals and teachers,
As they guide our nation's youth,
Really need a lot of prayer,
That they will teach the truth.

That they'd teach them to read and write,
And do arithmetic.
That they'd teach them to spell and count,
And just what makes clocks tick,

To learn will build their self-esteem,
All they will ever need,
Think of the gateways that are theirs
If they can only read.

Oh, Jesus, bless the U.S.A.
Pour out your Holy Spirit
Upon the people of this land
You know, dear Lord, we need it.

Help us to turn our backs on sin
And turn our hearts to You.
Help us to thank You for Your Grace
And everything You do.

We know that You're our only hope
For the change that must take place.
Oh, God, please bless the U.S.A.,
Pour out Your loving Grace.