National Day of Prayer, 1998
by Kathy Dillenbeck
May 7, 1998

Today is National Day of Prayer when we pray for our nation;
That God would bless the USA, not bring down condemnation.
Throughout this land there are a lot of people who would say
That they believe the answer will be found if we would pray.

They quote the Scriptures piously and look up to the sky,
And say that God will hear us if we humbly come and cry,
Cry out to Him for mercy for this nation where we live,
Cry out to Him to heal our land, that He would only give

His richest blessing, not His curse--we want this land to be
A place where God is lifted up, where others Jesus see.
That this land is troubled is an easy thing to see;
Just look around you everywhere, wherever you may be.

The family's in trouble and divorce is on the rise.
There is no sense of right and wrong; do you hear the babies' cries?
Those babies being butchered in the name of someone's choice,
Their blood cries out to God on high; we know He hears their voice.
There's corruption in high places and injustice everywhere;
There's a lot of people hurting, but no one seems to care.
We say that prayer's the answer, that it's what we all should do,
We say that we should meet and pray; yes, that's what we should do.

We say we know that God will hear where two or three agree,
And yet, when we can meet and pray, what do we often see?
A handful here, a handful there will meet to watch and pray,
But where are all those others who have said that we should pray.

Are these just words that people say, but do not really mean it,
It certainly appears that way, at least that's how I=ve seen it.
If we really felt that prayer was what it takes to change this land,
This church would overflow with folks, the sight would be so grand.

Standing room is all we'd find, we'd have to meet outside.
If we were really serious, if we were on God's side.
But words sound nice; we sure do look so holy when we say
That God would bless this nation if folks would only pray.