by Kathy Dillenbeck
June 9, 1993

The very word "America" can bring tears to the eye.
Some have fought for her in war. For her some still will die.
To live here some will cross the seas in crowded boats that leak,
They'll brave the harshest elements for the freedom that they seek.

But we know the land itself is not the thing they crave,
For that's not what they've heard about, that's not what makes them brave.
They seek the opportunities and freedoms they don't have,
To worship as they want to and the stars and stripes to wave.

They don't know the light of freedom has grown very dim,
As people gained prosperity, they have forgotten Him.
The God, to whom our leaders looked, when they this country formed,
Has been kicked out of our schools and homes. Our nation's been deformed.

Let's ask God back into our hearts and put our faith in Him;
Let's make America again, a country based in Him.
Let's pray for a revival, and that our God soon would send
His Holy Ghost to change us and our great nation mend.