America's Road
by Kathy Dillenbeck
September 21, 1993

America seems headed down the road that leads to Hell,
To certain condemnation, just how soon, no one can tell.
Will God get our attention as has happened in times past?
Will people turn and seek His face? Will our great country last?

Was Hugo a first warning of the things that we will see,
Or Andrew or the No-Name Storm or that flood of ‘93?
Revival is our only chance to stop the judgment now,
The judgment that will surely come - we know not when or how.

God says if we will humbly come and pray and seek His Face,
And turn from our old wicked ways that He will, by His Grace,
Hear us from His throne on high, and all our sins forgive,
And will our land completely heal, and blessing He will give.

It's time for us to take a stand, to draw the line on sin.
Be light and salt, as Jesus said. Let Him the victory win.
Let's stop the baby killing, and those doctor prostitutes
From sacrificing babies at abortion institutes.

If women want to have a choice, then let that choice be done,
Before that baby is conceived, that daughter or that son.
Let's value life and put old "Doctor Death" where he belongs-
In jail or in a hospital - let's put an end to wrongs.

Let's punish those who break the laws, not slap them on the hand,
Let's make each one responsible, as when our laws began.
Let's fight against perversion, yes, let's call it what it is.
Let's ban unnatural acts again. Let's call that action sin.

A just God can not look aside and let this sin go on;
Let's seek Him now, ere it's too late. We must not wait too long.
Let’s get down on our knees and pray that He’ll reach out His hand,
That He’ll forgive our sins and bring revival to this land.