Independence Day
by Kathy Dillenbeck
June 10, 1993

It's Independence Day and, soon
The fireworks will start.
The birthday of our country
Puts this pride in every heart.

Parades there'll be, and picnics, too,
As people celebrate
The birthday of our nation. Yes,
The U.S.A. is great.

It started when the patriots
Told old King George to go.
Against great odds, they fought and won;
They beat an awesome foe.

Throughout the years, there have been times,
When it looked like we were through.
The Civil War tore us apart,
And World Wars One and Two.

Our nation fought in Viet Nam
For freedom, we were told.
Thousands of our brave men died
Though some were not so bold.

But, now, the biggest problem that
Our nation's ever seen
Is threatening our country.
Do you know what I mean?

For though we've had our challenges
In times that, now, are past,
We've always kept our faith in God,
Had values that will last.

But, now, they tell us God is dead
Or that we all may be
A god ourselves, and some men see
A god in every tree.

Like men of old, who idols made,
Who worshipped wood and stone,
They'll find no help, at all, from these,
They'll face life all alone.

As each one does what he thinks right,
No order there will be,
But chaos and calamity
And crime is what we'll see.

'Cause this great land is headed
Down the path that leads to hell
To certain condemnation
Oh, why can they not tell

That this great land is great because
Her people trusted God
That truth and justice only come
From trusting in the Lord.

Let's bring the Bible back and, then, put
Prayer back in our schools;
Let's teach folks, what is right and wrong,
And live the golden rule.