Our Country’s In Trouble
by Kathy Dillenbeck
June 17, 1993

Our country's in trouble, there's crime everywhere.
Our factories are closing; no jobs anywhere.
Our leaders don't lead us except down the road
To certain destruction and tax overload.

They've taken the Bible and prayer from the schools.
No right or wrong is there; each makes his own rules.
The students aren't learning, 'cause teachers can't teach
When order and discipline's out of their reach.

Families are broken, with mom or dad gone,
Or both parents work and leave children alone.
With nothing but TV to teach them the way
To behave in society; oh, how we will pay!

The TV's a cesspool of violence and sex,
Murder and mayhem and who knows what's next.
They make it seem normal to talk back to dad
Or insult your mother and make her feel sad.

The family's the target of many a show,
And aberrant lifestyles now, never seem so.
The talk shows abound with their subjects bizarre;
Each topping the other, they go way too far.

For things to get better, we'd all better pray
That God will revive us and show us the way.
We must put Him first and get back in His Word,
And spread His true message, 'til everyone's heard.

There's only One Hope that can bring what we need,
He’ll save us, forgive us if we will just plead
For Jesus to change us and make us His own.
Go boldly, dear child, to the foot of His throne.

His arms are wide open. He’s waiting for you
To ask for forgiveness. What else can we do?
He shed His blood for us. He loves us so much.
He wants to restore us with His loving touch.