If There Had Been No Mount of Olives
by Kathy Dillenbeck
Resurrection Day, 1997

He knew His friends would leave Him when He climbed Golgotha’s hill,
That He would have to face the Cross alone.
These men who’d been beside Him, who had seen the things He’d done,
Would desert Him, they would leave Him all alone.

As He knelt there in the garden and affirmed His Father’s will,
Where His sweat, like drops of blood fell on the stone,
That stone where Jesus knelt, where He was troubled and distressed;
On the Mt of Olives, Jesus prayed alone.

If there had been no Mount of Olives, then there would be no Calvary
He was overwhelmed with sorrow on that hill;
He was overwhelmed with sorrow right up to the point of death,
When Jesus prayed and sought His Father’s will.

Jesus needed all the strength that the Father gave to Him
As He prayed there on that night before He died.
He had to climb the Mount of Olives to prepare Him for that hill,
For Calvary just could not be denied.

God’s heart went out to Jesus, after all He was His Son,
And He sent His angels there to comfort Him.
Jesus knew His Father loved Him; but knew He’d have to die,
For those of us whose only hope was Him.

So if you are having troubles, if your soul is sore distressed,
If you’re facing tribulation, then give heed.
Be like Jesus in the garden, seek the Father for your strength;
He will give you all the strength you’ll ever need.

For you know the Father loves you, He gave up His only Son-
Can you imagine how the Father must have felt?
We know His heart was broken as He looked down on His Son
On the Mount of Olives where our Savior knelt.