On This Day of Resurrection
by Kathy Dillenbeck
April 7, 1996

On this Day of Resurrection, thank you for your Son,
For Jesus our Savior, the Crucified One.
He left Heaven’s portals and came to this earth
As a vulnerable baby, the one virgin birth.

Predicted by prophets, the great Mystery,
Messiah would rescue, from sin would set free.
Not only the Jews, God’s one chosen race
But Gentiles as well, were given a place

In God’s heavenly plan that would unfold this day
When He rose from the dead, took our sins all away.
He died there at Calv’ry that dark, gloomy day
Was put in the ground where they meant Him to stay,

But God, in His Mercy, provided the way:
He rose from the dead on that Glorious Day,
He gave Him the vict’ry o’er sin, death, and pain
His death for our life and His pain for our gain