Victory Over Death
by Kathy Dillenbeck
April 4, 1993

It's Easter time and spring is here with all its pretty flowers,
A wonderful reminder of God's resurrection power.
Each golden daffodil we see, should cause us to recall,
That Christ has risen from the dead, and breached death's wicked wall.

No sin had he and, yet, he died upon that cruel cross,
To satisfy God's righteousness and save souls that were lost.
For all have sinned, the Bible says, and this we know is true,
The wages of this sin is death for me as well as you.

But God has giv'n to us a gift, it's Jesus Christ His Son.
It is through Him we are forgiv'n, yes, each and every one.
For Jesus was the sacrifice, the precious lamb is He,
Our sins he bore, our souls restored, that day at Calvary.

So take God at His word today, and trust your life to Him,
And claim the righteousness of Christ, that you might o'er death win.