Why did He Come?
by Kathy Dillenbeck
April 16, 1995

Last week we walked with palms in hand and shouted “Hallelujah!
Bless Him Who comes in the Name of God; Praise Jesus Christ; Hosanna!”
We thought that we had found in Him a King to conquer Rome,
A Captain Who would lead us; that we’d take back our homes.

But now they’ve laid Him in the tomb; we don’t know what to do;
They crucified Him and He died; I saw it, so it’s true.
We saw the things that Jesus did in the months before He died.
We never thought it’d end like this, That He’d be crucified.

What shall we do? Where will we go? Our Lord is in the grave;
We thought that He had come to earth to ransom and to save.
We’ll go out to the tomb today before the sun is very high,
And visit our dear Lord out there-O, why did Jesus have to die?

You never will believe it! When we got there that day,
We found the grave was empty; that the stone was rolled away.
Since Christ has risen from the dead and conquered death and grave,
We know His victory is ours, and that He really came to save.