The Gang Mills Cooks

Alice Eaton Photo  Alice Eaton - lived in Hornby and was a great friend of my mother and her three sisters, but especially close to my Aunt Ruth Harrison. Alice's son, Elwyn, is married to my cousin and Aunt Ruth's daughter, Ethelyn.

Aunt Fannie Southard Aunt Fannie Southard. who was my Aunt Ruth's sister-in-law, lived in Hornby. She was known as Aunt Fannie to all of the neighborhood children and almost always had a cookie jar full of all kinds of treats.

Aunt Iona Benedict Aunt Iona Clark Benedict lived in Gang Mills her whole life. She lived across the street from me all of the time I lived in Gang Mills. My brothers and I treated her house as if it were an extension of our own. She owned the Grove Diner with my Uncle Floyd and another couple. She also owned the Erwin Valley Restaurant with my mother. 

Aunt Lana Anderson BallingerAunt Lana Anderson Ballinger lived in or around Gang Mills and Hornby all of her life. She was a restaurant manager for some of the time while I was growing up we always loved going to her house. She introduced pizza to my family, which began my life-long love of pizza.

Aunt Ruth HarrisonAunt Ruth lived in Hornby most of her adult life, but like her sisters, she lived in Gang Mills during her growing-up years. She was an instinctive cook who never measured anything. Whenever we went to visit, we would be greeted by the aroma of some delicious creation she was making, whether it be donuts, cookies, fresh bread. or sticky buns.

Beverly ThompsonBeverly Thompson is Alice Eaton's oldest daughter and I think, if you try it, you will find you'll be making her recipe for Cranberry Bread whenever you can get your hands on fresh cranberries.

Carolyn ParksCarolyn Parks and her husband Dave were dear friends of our family. I'll never forget how they came and helped during the Hurricane Agnes flood. She was a skilled cook and did a lot of baking. I know you'll just love her Dilly Casserole Bread.

Cousin Ethelyn EatonMy cousin Ethelyn (named for my mother) is the daughter of my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Nate and she is her mother's daughter - she is a skilled cook and baker. We woulndn't have the measurements for Aunt Ruth's recipes if it weren't for her.   

Ethelyn (My Mom)My mother, Ethelyn Tunning, contributed most of the recipes in the Gang Mills cookbooks. She worked as a waitress and a cook for most of her life. She raised three children by herself and was able to feed us because she was an inventive and innovative cook.

No Photo AvailableFrances Mary Brooks Tompkins was my fourth grade teacher. She could play the piano like an angel and was also a terrific cook.

Julia WatsonThis picture of Julia Watson was taken when she was graduated as a chiropractor. She spent most her adult life in Gang Mills, raised 5 children, and was a thoroughly nice lady. She was also an accomplished cook.

Phyllis ClarkMy Cousin Phyllis was my Aunt Iona's daughter. She was famous for her Banana Nut Cake.Phyllis had a heart of gold and would give you the shirt off her back.

Uncle Floyd BenedictUncle Floyd Benedict was married to my Aunt Iona. He was such a nice guy and a great baker. Be sure to try his fried cakes. They are like nothing you can find today.

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